Joint statement from employers on the European Parliament Motion for Resolution on Strengthening the Social Dialogue

The  European sectoral employers’ organisations are strongly involved and committed to a constructive sectoral social dialogue at the European and national levels. Therefore, we would like to provide joint input on the draft Motion for a Resolution currently discussed in the European Parliament’s Employment and Social Affairs Committee. We are focusing on the following key messages:

  • Highlight the importance of the promotion of collective bargaining and the autonomy of social partners;
  • Express the sector’s concerns on the proposal of the Commission of organising the social dialogue via EU funding;
  • Collective bargaining at the national level should be set at 80% (and not 90%), as set by the Directive on Minimum Wages;
  • Social partners’ opinions should be duly taken into account by the EU institutions;
  • Different forms of work should be encouraged, such as part-time work, fixed-term contracts and temporary agency work are adequately covered by social dialogue and collective labour agreements.

The European Commission needs to fully respect the agreements between European social partners at the cross-industry and sectoral levels and the implementation of social partner agreements in accordance with the provisions of the treaty.

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