HOTREC welcomes the prolongment of the State aid Temporary Framework


Today the European Commission announced the extension of the State aid Temporary Framework until 30 June 2022. This decision will allow the Member States to extend their support schemes and ensure that businesses in need will not be suddenly cut off from the necessary aid. 

 Considering the precarious situation of hospitality establishments, over the last months, we at HOTREC have been repeatedly calling on the Commission and the Member States to prolong these measures. In addition to this extension, the Commission introduced targeted adjustments including, amongst others, solvency support measures for SMEs and increased thresholds – up to EUR 12 million for fixed costs and EUR 2.3 million for limited amounts of aid. Despite this being lower than what we have been advocating for, we very much welcome today’s decision. 

 The news of an extension comes as a great relief for European hospitality – especially considering the current worsening of the epidemiological situation, which threatens to bring even more uncertainty to the sector”, commented our Director-General, Ms Marie Audren. “We now urge the Member States to use these instruments together with the Recovery and Resilience funds in support of the millions of hospitality businesses and the jobs they support in their country.