Food information & nutrition

Nowadays, the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle has become a major trend across Europe, with many consumers increasingly mindful of the content and quality of the dishes they eat.

Besides, many consumers are increasingly looking for authentic gastronomic experiences, with a search for fresh, tasty and non-standardised food when visiting restaurants and cafés.

This dual expectation makes it all the more important for HOTREC to regularly discuss with EU policy makers and stakeholders on the best policies to allow consumers to make informed choices and enlarge the choice of healthy options, while satisfying the taste of every client and providing high quality culinary experiences.

  • working-documents policy

    12 December 2017  PolicyWorking documents

    / HOTREC members initiatives on nutrition and food product improvement - Autumn 2017

    Panorama of initiatives developped by HOTREC members, as sent to the European Commission as part of HOTREC's commitment in EU diet platform


  • position-papers-hotrec post

    12 November 2013  ArticlePosition Papers

    / position paper on the implementation of the Food Information to Consumer Regulation


  • working-documents policy

    19 November 2008  PolicyWorking documents

    / HOTREC initial remarks on food labelling proposal