Collaborative economy

The so called "collaborative" economy is more and more shaping our lives and the economy as well.

Peer to peer offers are to be found inter alia also in the market segment of tourism, including offering tourist accommodation and catering.

This rising phenomenon of the economical operation of service providers in the "collaborative" economy is, however, often left without regulation, thus leaving uncertainty on available guarantees for guests, if something goes wrong and also for employees of such peer to peer service providers. These guarantees are known and taken for granted in the over 1,9 million hospitality enterprises in Europe, most of them being family run or micro enterprises, and their over 11.1 million employees.

In order to make such guarantees a matter of course in the "collaborative" economy as well, and to share similar responsibilities towards the whole society as the regulated economy does (fulfilment of fiscal obligations, respecting neighbourhoods, contributing to safety and security) a level playing field needs to be in place.

This would ensure that guests can feel safe and secure everywhere they spend their holidays and the avoidance of parallel markets with different market rules. Online platforms facilitating such trade shall exercise their responsibilities and duty of care as well.