Circular economy

The European Union is engaged in a long-term effort to develop a more sustainable, resource-efficient and competitive economy, through the transition to a more circular economy.

As part of this policy, the fight against food waste has become a major issue for all food business operators.

Hospitality businesses only generates a share of the 12% of the food waste produced by all food services together. Nevertheless, the sector acts responsibly and is committed to further improve its track record.

HOTREC therefore actively participates to EU and international policy discussions on food waste and the circular economy, with the view to prevent food waste, help engaging businesses in food donations and maximise hospitality businesses economic opportunities in this transition.

HOTREC is also a member of the EU Platform on food losses and food waste.

Position Papers


  • working-documents policy

    30 May 2018  PolicyWorking documents

    / Shedding light on the 'Meal-sharing' platforms economy


  • working-documents policy

    19 January 2017  PolicyWorking documents

    / HOTREC guidelines to reduce food waste and recommendations to manage food donations