There are several ways for you to organise and book accommodation when travelling. The different distribution and booking channels all have their advantages and benefits for both the consumers and the providers, therefore their diversity is enriching consumers’ choice and businesses’ opportunities. The way to establish contact and to BOOK DIRECT has definitely its own merits as well.

If you BOOK DIRECT, you always have an immediate and direct contact with the service provider. Thanks to this direct contact all your specific and personal requests can be discussed and be responded to directly in a confidential and efficient manner. The direct relationship, like everywhere else in life, helps making the supplier – guest connection closer and more familiar.

The direct contact also allows you to receive first-hand information, when it comes to e.g. availability, specific requests you might have, possibly available special offers, services or conditions.

There are several ways for you to BOOK DIRECT. The different contact possibilities are available on the providers’ own websites and other communication materials. Thus, you can choose the most suitable way for your purposes, be it the direct verbal communication over the phone, the direct contact by e-mail or through the establishment’s website, as well as the direct face to face contact over the ‘counter’.

For enterprises and other interested parties

All hoteliers and restaurateurs who want to participate in the campaign, can download for free the “Book direct” logo in different languages and integrate it in their guest communications (website, printed materials, etc.) from the online shop, where several other promotional products like stickers, flyers, displays, etc. can be ordered additionally as well.


Here you can see and download the campaign logos free of charge.