In recent years sustainability matters have become increasingly important for European Union policies.

The hospitality industry has always showed its interest in contributing to the environment aspect of sustainability by focusing amongst others on:

  • More efficient use of resources, including water and energy;
  • Handling of waste;
  • Application of new, greener technologies.

Moreover, HOTREC decided at its 62 General Assembly held in Budapest on 28-29 October 2010 to re-launch the HOTREC Task Force on Sustainability. Its main objective is to decide on the HOTREC long-term strategy and actions on several legislative and non-legislative issues related to sustainability, such as ecological labels, as well as to revise HOTREC positions in the area so far.

HOTREC Task Force will not only look into the political initiatives, but also into business experiences and exchange of best practices amongst HOTREC members, which will constitute the basis for any future HOTREC action in this field.