Online delivery and booking portals to play an ever-increasing role in the restaurant sector, shows a new European study



Food delivery markets are constantly expanding, with two major online players present across Europe, shows a study from HES-SO Valais-Wallis, School of Management in Switzerland. However, booking portals and online delivery services are still in an early stage, with a significant growth potential for the coming years.

New customer needs, driven by technology, are developing new demand in matter of food services. It is not only about time, but also about experience as this societal change affects horizontally the restaurant sector from the fast food segment to ‘Stars’ restaurants.

“Following the revolution in the hotel booking market over the past years, the food delivery and restaurant booking markets are also starting to play a significant role in the business model of European restaurants” said Adrian Cummins, Chair of HOTREC Restaurant and Pub Working Group.

“This study shows the importance for the European restaurant sector to further customise its services to this new demand and even anticipate customers’ needs to make the most of it” added Christian de Barrin, CEO of HOTREC.

Summary of the study

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What is HOTREC?
HOTREC represents the hotel, restaurant and café industry at European level. The sector counts in total around 2 million businesses, being 99,5% small and medium sized enterprises (91% are micro enterprises, i.e. employing less than 10 people). These businesses make up some 60% of value added. The industry provides some 11.9 million jobs in the EU alone. Together with the other tourism industries, the sector is the 3rd largest industry in Europe. HOTREC brings together 43 national associations representing the interest of this industry in 31 different European countries.

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